Art exhibition "Lines in Motion: East meets West" in Amsterdam: 7 February-3 March 2018

HKETO, Brussels is delighted to support art exhibition "Lines in Motion: East meets West".  The cultural exchange project will present modern Chinese calligraphy and abstract art by 12 artists from Hong Kong, four from Chengdu and 10 from the Netherlands. The exhibition will be staged at the gallery of Visual Art Centre Amsterdam (CBK Amsterdam) and will run from 7 February to 3 March 2018.

"This exhibition comprises works of artists coming from Hong

Kong, Chengdu, and Amsterdam. Well-established artists

and young talents, with homogenous or multi-cultural backgrounds.

Works of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting

are displayed side by side with works inspired by Western

modern abstract art. Among them, some are experimental and

inter-cultural works that inherit the visual languages from both

sides. With this exhibition, we hope to bring Western visitors

closer to the seemingly incomprehensible traditional Chinese

calligraphy and painting, by pointing out that the same

sentiment in appreciating Western abstract art is applicable.

At the same time, we try to bring Eastern visitors to appreciate

modern abstract art by emphasizing the perspectives from

their own roots." (From the catalogue).


Please see the attached flyer, poster and catalogue for more information.

Source :
HKETO Brussels