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The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region
Far Eastern Film Festival in Udine, Italy - 26 June-27 July 2020

Hong Kong – Home to Cinema

Hong Kong has one of the most dynamic film and entertainment industries in the world.  Thanks to Hong Kong's diverse and international culture, and a solid legal system that protects the intellectual property rights of filmmakers, the film and entertainment industry in Hong Kong continues to flourish. The vibrant atmosphere of Hong Kong, with its eastern heritage and western influences, has created an environment that encourages creativity and diversity.  Many Hong Kong actors, actresses, directors, cinematographers and producers have become household names in the world, and Hong Kong films have also been inspirational to many outside Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government spares no effort in promoting film development, which is an essential element of Hong Kong's vibrant creative industries. Among other initiatives, the HKSAR Government provided a new injection of HK$1 billion (EUR114 million) into the Film Development Fund in May 2019 to support the long-term development of the Hong Kong film industry through nurturing talent, enhancing local production, expanding markets and building audience.

Moreover, to attract quality people from around the world to support Hong Kong's development as a high value-added and diversified economy, the HKSAR Government promulgated in August 2018 a Talent List, which contains 11 professions needed most for Hong Kong's economic development. Creative industries professionals, including professionals in film industry, are one of these 11 professional groups covered by the Talent List.  Immigration facilitation is provided for qualified talents in the Talent List to come to Hong Kong and settle down.  Over the years, Hong Kong has developed into a leading arts and cultural hub in the region, with leading edge in key areas of creative industries like film making, performing arts, computer design, comics and animation.

The Far East Film Festival (FEFF)

Leading international film festivals have featured Hong Kong films since long. The Far East Film Festival (FEFF) has put the Hong Kong films on the international scene and hosted a large number of internationally well-known Hong Kong film stars as well as upcoming talents.  The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels and Create Hong Kong are delighted to work again with the FEFF this year to bring six very different Hong Kong films to film lovers in Italy (see below).  Not only do they demonstrate the creativity of Hong Kong's filmmakers and the diversity of the Hong Kong films, they also share with the Italian audience Hong Kong's unique culture and bring pleasure, excitement and inspiration to audiences of the FEFF.

As a leading regional arts and cultural hub, Hong Kong hosts a large number of international film festivals organised by local and overseas cultural institutes.  It is also home to the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) – one of Hong Kong's largest cultural events and Asia's oldest film festivals. The postponed 44th edition of the HKIFF will be held from 18 to 31 August 2020 and will showcase six restored Italian cinematic gems.


Hong Kong films at FEER

Chasing dream – Johnnie To – International Premiere

Johnnie To returns with a romantic comedy about two indomitable fighters that combines sports movie with musical.

The White Storm 2 – Herman Yau – Italian Premiere

A fiery action film that hurls the viewer into the war between Hong Kong's number one drug dealer and his former friend, now a powerful businessman.

My Prince Edward – Norris Wong – European Premiere

In this unconventional mix of drama and comedy, bride-to-be Fong discovers that her previous 'wedding of convenience'; was never actually annulled.

Ip Man 4: The Finale – Wilson Yip – European Fest Premiere

American locations and the appearance of Bruce Lee for the spectacular final chapter of Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip's legendary Ip Man saga.

Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy – Jazz Boon – International Fest Premiere

Three cops take on the terrorists who have infiltrated the police, but the mission turns into a firestorm where it becomes hard to tell good from bad.

Suk Suk – Ray Yeung – Italian Premiere

Told through furtive glances, the delicate romanticism of the love story between 70-year-old taxi driver Pak and retired single father Hoi.

For more information, please see the Festival's website.