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HKETO, Brussels promotes Hong Kong films at CinemAsia - 4-6 March 2020 Film Festival in Amsterdam

The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels (HKETO, Brussels) and Create Hong Kong have jointly supported the participation of three Hong Kong films at the CinemAsia Film Festival 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, held from 4-8 March 2020.  The three Hong Kong films were Ray Yeung's "Suk Suk", Heiward Mak's "Fagara" and Law Wing-cheong's "Little Q".   

Speaking at a reception on the occasion of the Hong Kong Film Night at the CinemAsia Film Festival on 5 March, the Deputy Representative of HKETO, Brussels, Miss Fiona Chau, said the vibrant atmosphere of Hong Kong, with its Eastern heritage and Western influences, creates an environment that encourages creativity and diversity.

"Thanks to our diverse and international culture, and a solid legal system that protects the intellectual property rights of filmmakers, our film and entertainment industries continue to flourish and Hong Kong has one of the most dynamic film and entertainment industries in the world," Miss Chau said.

"The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is also keen on supporting initiatives to help our film industry to continue to thrive, in particular small and medium-size productions and new filmmakers," she added. 

In this regard, Miss Chau said she was delighted that a young talent from Hong Kong, Lo Chun-yip, who stars in "Suk Suk" and "Fagara", was attending the Festival.

Referring to the inspiration that films can provide and to the coronavirus which has been affecting many cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Miss Chau said that all of the three Hong Kong films selected by this year's CinemAsia Film Festival carry messages that call for supporting and understanding each other in the spirit of mutual care and assistance, which is essential for prevailing in this challenging period.  

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